Tech Deck Kinetic Concrete DIY Set


Let your fingers do the talking. It’s a great way to spend those rainy days.

Finger Boarding is back.

Tech Deck's DIY Concrete for Fingerboards is a reusable concrete compound that can be used to build fingerboard obstacles. Easy to use, simply wet it, set it and shred it! Add water and then let it set for 6-8 hours and you'll have your very own fingerboard obstacle. Use the mould provided or make your own to make your own bespoke obstacle. Once you're finished with it wet it and then mould another. For ages 6+


  • Enjoi Tech Deck
  • Mould
  • Re-Useable Concrete Compound
  • Pack includes: 1 outer mold, 1 rail, 1 compound bag, 1 tech deck, 1 sticker sheet,
  • 1 molding tool, 1 instruction sheet
  • Ages 6+


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