Limited Edition, 2 Years Strong, Street Plant 2nd Anniversary, Collectors Edition Family Board w/ Art By Yusuke Tsuge.

Limited Edition of 200 Boards.

2 Years Strong:

OG Barnyard Shape.

9.5 x 31
Wheelbase: 14 3/8
Nose: 5.5
Tail: 6 5/8

Aqua Veneers.

Top Graphic:

For two years, No matter the circumstances, we don’t give in!

Street Plant Hiragana Logo.

Artist Yusuke Tsuge:

The Art represents the Seasons.
Each person is a Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.
Cherry Blossoms and Dandelions for Spring, the Morning Flower for Summer, Maple Leaves for Autumn and Camellia for Winter.

In the past the Samurai Warriors used fans called Gunsen.
Here, Lucy has a Gunsen, she is not just a Lady, but a Warrior.
The plants: Pine, Bamboo and Plum on her Gunsen mean Celebration in Japan: Shou Chiku Bai.
When she jumps, you can see her armor, when standing, she is just a Beautiful Lady.
She has the Spirit of a Samurai deep inside.
She is like the Rising Sun so she is at the top of the picture.
She is Shining.
Dawn of a New Generation.

Everyone already knows she is Brave, Beautiful, Kind and Loving.
She wears Jinbaori of Morning Flower pattern.
Morning Flower is Strong and Beautiful like her.
Morning Flower can live on the street even though it’s Summer.
Because they have true Strength and Love.
Street Plant!

Ann Always stays Together with Mike.
She has Protected him for a long time.
She is Beautiful but if something happens she will Fight using her Sword.
She also has a Gunbai.
Gunbai are used by Generals to direct their Army.
Here, Ann holds the Gunbai instead of Mike.
If Mike loses his way, she can direct him.
Only One Team!

Mike is Pushing Forward to the Front Line.
Mike is Fighting for the future of Skateboarding.
For a New Season.
He keeps Going Forward with His Family.
He keeps Pushing Forward with The Battalion.
Street Plant: 2 Years Strong!

Japanese on Red Flag:
For two years, No matter the circumstances, we don’t give in!

Japanese on White Flag:
Street Plant Hiragana Logo.

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