Powell Peralta Flight Deck Andy Anderson Heron Skull 9.13”


Flight - Andy Anderson"
Andy Anderson pro Model
Shape : 290
Tech "Symmetrical" Shaped Deck
32.8" x 9.13"
15" Wheel base

Epoxy Infused, Fibre Reinforced Construction
Brand new
FREE Postage (Mainland UK only)
FREE Jessup Grip Tape

Brand new "Flight" deck from Powell Peralta Skateboards.

This is the larger Andy Anderson pro model.

Andy's boards are special - very special! Every inch of his board is like that for a reason. This isn't just some mad shape for the hell of it or to look different. Check out Andy explaining his shape online and you'll understand. ;-)

Watch him skate and you'll understand even more!

My favourite rider of modern times - he mixes up all skate styles and does so many unique moves.

Will this deck make you skate like Andy?  I doubt it but you'll not be able to blame your kit. ;-)

The nose and tail are the same length & the deck is balanced for weight across the middle so it rides like a symmetrical deck but with different shaped ends for different moves.


Powell Peralta have been quietly working away making these hi tech Flight decks. They are made using maple ply, like regular boards, but the plies are epoxy infused & fibre reinforced. This construction produces decks that are lighter, thinner and super strong plus have enhanced "pop". The "pop" will not fade either. like it does with regular maple constructed decks and they also last much longer too.


Powell Peralta on their new Flight™ Decks:



Five years ago we set out on an exploration to improve the strength and performance of skateboard decks and to see what was possible. FLIGHT™ decks apply what we learned into making a superior deck with increased performance at an affordable price.


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