Doomsayers Lil Kool Omar Deck 8.375"

£65.00 £75.00

Doomsayers Lil Kool Omar Deck 8.375" - Shaped Nose
  • Art work by Lil Kool 
  • 8.375'' x 32.0''
  • 14.25'' WB
  • 7-Ply Canadian Maple



Doom Sayers Club was created by Omar Salazar in 2012 as a response to all the negative talk about impending doom in the world. The name Doom Sayers came to him while driving late night listening to evangelists on late-night AM radio. After skating for various brands such as Rasa Libre, Omar wanted to take things in his own direction and create a home for himself and like-minded skateboarders. With the continued support of his longtime shoe sponsor Nike SB, he started small but living in a screen printing warehouse made it work. They've created cool t-shirts and sweatshirt graphics, which gave Doom Sayers it's early look and feel.

Doom Sayers produce a whole line of clothing, t-shirts, coach jackets, hoodies as well as Doom Sayers skateboard decks.

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