Dear Skateboarding X Black Label Lucero KILL ROCCO Deck


For this line, Dear have teamed up with their childhood hero John Lucero to produce a collection of tees all with rad back stories and reproduced the infamous 'Kill Rocco; deck:

- John Lucero 1988 Bootlegged 'Kill Rocco' Deck

- If you don't already know the story, basically Lucero went in with Steve Rocco when he was just starting his offshoot of SMA. They were each going to do their own brand and share a distribution. John decided after a little while that it wasn't for him and pulled out to go to NHS, but not before Rocco and already placed an order with the woodshop to produce the first run of boards... (John's boards..) By the time John found out, the boards had been screened and sold to shops... John was able to get a few and spray painted 'Kill Rocco' on them for he and his team to ride..

- Hand Screened bottom graphics with 'John's Sticker Collage/Grip Job transfer on top!

- Original shape 10 x 31"

- Very Limited Run of 100 worldwide!

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