Clown Skateboards Hyper Edds Deck White/Blue/Pink 8.25"


Clown Skateboards Hyper Edds Deck 8.25"

 Width - 8.25"

Length - 31.8"

Wheelbase - 14.125"


Clown skateboards was founded in 2000, launching with an inaugural release of Banksy designed skateboards and legendary logo. They had one of the UK’s leading skateboard teams with Simon Skipp, Chris Oliver, Benny Fairfax, Garry 'Woody' Woodward, Mattias Nylen, Bryan Jones and Dom Henry. In 2005 the brand was put on ice with the aim of restarting at some point in the future. 15 years later Clown skateboards are back with the manifesto: "HERE TO FINISH WHAT WE STARTED."

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