New Janoski Desert Camo only available in Skater owned stores and Size? March 20 2014

To arrive in store on Monday the 24th of March.

It is the Zoom Janoski featuring an upper dressed entirely in ‘desert’  ERDL camo. You may have seen this camo used in a number of different SB items throughout the years.


The camo used on the upper was originally developed by the US ARMY ENGINEER RESEAERCH & DEVELOPMENT LABORATORIES (ERDL) In 1948. It was not issued to elite recon or special ops until 1967, during the Vietnam War. It was last used in battle during ‘Operation Eagle Claw’, Beirut and the Granada invasion. The Camouflage has now been legally approved for use by Nike SB.


The official colour description is as follows : MEDIUM KHAKI/BEIGE CHALK-WHITE 333824-207



You can pre order them on the site now!!!